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Financial Tools for Financing Your Home

To help you with your home purchase, Mortgage Center has created these articles to provide you with a better understanding of your financing options, things to consider before making an offer, and much more.

Are You Ready to Buy a Home?: Discover all the information you need to prepare yourself for the home buying process.

Every Penny Counts: Learn more about the funds you’ll need to purchase your new home.

Your Credit History Counts: Your credit score is a great indicator of how you use credit. Learn how your credit score is calculated and what may have an impact on your score.

Using a Gift to Finance Your Home: Are you receiving help with your down payment? Find out more about financial gifts.

The Importance of a Property Inspection: Be confident that your new home will not have any unseen problems by having a property inspection completed. Property inspections will alert you of any repairs that will need to be made to your new property, and potentially help you negotiate a better home price.

Understanding Home Appraisals: Did you know that a home appraisal is required when you are financing? An appraiser will provide an unbiased opinion on the value of your new home.